What is Connected Horsemanship?

Connected Horsemanship teaches natural horsemanship in Ireland. Connected Horsemanship founder, Laura Domenica, a certified Chris Irwin trainer, focuses on horse riders who want to work with horses in a way that is more in keeping with the horses own nature and instinct.

The Language of the Horse

Students learn how a knowledge of prey/predator psychology can help them better understand horse behaviour. Students are shown how the horse communicates through body language and how they can interpret this to understand how the horse thinks and feels. They are encouraged to develop their ability to “read” the horse so that they are able to respond more appropriately.

Body Awareness / Energy Awareness

Students learn how to adapt their body language so that it is more "horse orientated". Through a series of exercises students learn how their alignment, posture and energy are all crucial elements in communicating with the horse, both on the ground and in the saddle.


Emotional Fitness

Students learn to be more self aware and learn to recognise how their mental and emotional state affects their horse. They realise the need to develop a high level of awareness and yet remain centred. They learn how direct line thinking, goal orientation and incongruent emotion affect equine performance.

Connected Horsemanship Teaches Natural Horsemanship In Scotland and Ireland

Finding the Connection

In mastering these fundamentals, students become better leaders for their horse, improving their relationship, increasing their confidence and building a partnership based on trust and respect. As the partnership develops and the students feel and timing improve, the horse becomes calmer and more confident, more willing and more responsive.


When the physical, mental and emotional needs of the horse are met in this way, the horse willingly gives from the heart and a true "connection" with the handler is born.