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Connected Horsemanship Clinics -Scotland and  Ireland

Connected Horsemanship Clinics

Connected Horsemanship holds clinics throughout Ireland to teach natural horsemanship. The connected horsemanship clinics focus on understanding horse behaviour in order to enhance the relationship between horse and rider.


Private and semi-private lessons are taught every week in Gormanstown and Duleek, Co Meath and by appointment.

Please phone Laura on 086 823 9679 or email


Below is the list of our upcoming clinics

Connected Horsemanship - Introductory Clinic

Connected horsemanship stage 1 clinics are designed to give participants a basic understanding of the following:

Equine Psychology


· Understanding your horse’s needs.

· How horses interact and communicate.

· How to ‘read’ your horse.

· Understanding posture and movement in the horse.

· Understanding how brace affects behaviour and learning.



Skills for the handler


· The role of attitude, awareness and focus in the handler.

· The importance of posture and alignment in the handler.

· How to use your body to facilitate response and relaxation in your horse.

· How to use your body energy.

· How to use timing and release to reward your horse and build incentive.

· How to use your tools with feel and finesse.



Ground skills with Horses


· Approaching and catching your horse in the field or stable.

· Haltering.

· Gaining and keeping the horses attention.

· The use of “in hand” work to create focus, relaxation, develop balance and improve posture.

· The use of the lunge.

· Teaching the horse “the aids” from the ground



Skills for the Rider


· The correct alignment of the pelvis

· Being ” in the movement”

· The use of the core muscles to influence direction, regulate tempo and help engagement.

· How to offer an elastic contact

· The use of the leg to aid diagonal balance and help create engagement.





· Saddling and bridling

· Mounting

· Flexion

· Creating engagement at the walk

· The soft halt

· Back up








Contact Info
Thurs 13th march
Private lessons
Co Down
Laura Domenica
on 086 823 9679
Fri 14th march
Private lessons


Laura Domenica
on 086 823 9679
Sat 15th March
“On the Aids” Clinic
Comber Co down
Laura Domenica
on 086 823 9679
Tues 18th March
Private lessons   
Co Meath
Laura Domenica
on 086 823 9679
Sat 22nd /Sun 23rd March

Private lessons
Laura Domenica
on 086 823 9679
Sat 29th/ Sun 30th March
Ground work and the aids Clinic
Slieve Aughty Centre
Co Galway
Laura Domenica
On 086 823 9679

Sat 5th/Sun 6th
“On the aids” clinic    
Comber Co  Down   
Laura Domenica
On 086 823 9679
Tues 8th April   

Introductory Clinic
Co Meath
Laura Domenica
On 086 823 9679

Sat 12th /Sun 13th April
Private lessons
Cmber Co down
Laura Domenica
On 086 823 9679
Sat 19th /Sun 20th April
Connected Horsemanship hosts James Shaw
“Ride from within”
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Marlton Stud
Co Wicklow
Laura Domenica
On 086 823 9679

Sun 18th - Sat 24th May
Philippe Karl

Introductory clinic


Full day clinic  E90

Private lessons - E50 per hour

Spectators E10



Participants are requested to bring the following :



Lunge line

Lunge whip

Dressage whip or crop


Please bring a picnic lunch

Coffee,tea and biscuits will be provided