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Details as advertised:

The RDS welcomes

Monty Roberts to the

2010 Fáilte Ireland

Dublin Horse Show

which takes place from

Wednesday, the 4th

to Sunday, the 8th of

August inclusive.

Monty Roberts the word renowned

natural horseman will

demonstrate his revolutionary

equine training techniques during

an hour long demonstration on

each day of the Show.

The sessions will include a

demonstration of Monty’s

legendary JoinUp technique

with a young horse that has not

previously been saddled or ridden,

a trailer loading session with a

difficult horse that refuses to

load, and ridden and non-ridden

remedial sessions with problem


To book your ticket to see Monty

Roberts at this year’s Fáilte Ireland

Dublin Horse Show, visit


Daily general admission ¤21.00,

please note there is no extra

charge to attend Monty’s



At connected Horsemanship  we are often asked about the merits of round penning horses. We believe this  technique is invaluable when it is well done.

I work with horses in this manner when we can but round pens are not largely available around Ireland so I feel it is important for people to learn how to achieve the same result when they are working the horse on line. I therefore I teach both techniques.

Connected horsemanship is delighted to announce that Monty Roberts will be coming to the |Dublin horse show and he will be demonstrating his method of round penning.


For more information see http://connectedhorsemanship.wordpress.co m/category/monty-roberts-at-the-dublin-horse-show/




Monty Roberts Is coming to Dublin’s RDS for the Dublin Horse Show

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